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About the author
My name is Andrew Attebery, I'm married, I'm a father of a four year old boy and a 0 year old girl, due December 21st, 2015. I'm a writer, a programmer, a geek, and I live in Portland, Oregon.

What is Dear Lillian?

Dear Lillian is a time capsule for my unborn daughter (who is due on December 21st, 2015); it's meant to be filled with letters from as many amazing women role models as possible.

Why not just teach Lillian about history's great women?

Why go to all this trouble? Well, I've been learning about as many important, historically badass women as possible: Marie Curie, Nancy Astor, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Margaret Thatcher, the list goes on. But so many of them died before they were recognized for their brilliance! I'd like to take part in recognizing these types of women before they're gone, before they're unable to pass on their ideas. I'd like my daughter to be able to "know" them, in some capacity, if at all possible.

Great! How can I help?

Write something! But you'll need an invitation. Feel free to send me an e-mail, or contact me via Facebook or Twitter for an invitation URL. And thank you!